ADJ QA Par 38 or Mega TriPar Profile ... which is a better

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ADJ QA Par 38 or Mega TriPar Profile ... which is a better

Postby Robert » Fri Aug 02, 2013 5:01 pm

I would love to hear from those that have either or both. My real curiosity is does the QA have better throw and more brightness in all colors over the Mega TriPar Profile. I assume it will have better colors in all areas being RGBA but not certain since it has less bulbs . Also, I suspect the QA has less spread being 25 degrees versus 40.

Also, is there a chart for RGBA on where to set the 0-255 settings for each letter. I have one for RGB but haven’t found one for RGBA.

Between the 2 which is the better choice for up-lighting when using the little remote and not a controller?

Thanks in advice for your input.
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