How is the rest of 2013 shaping up for all of you

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How is the rest of 2013 shaping up for all of you

Postby Robert » Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:53 am

2013 is going well, but my company still has a 4 weekends open between now and December. Inquiry volume has been good but too many do not want to pay a reasonable rate so we've been passing on lots of inquiries. We just don't want to give the day away for mediocre pay. Experience and stellar service deserves better pay is my feeling.

I wonder, do others here do the say or do you take whatever you can get at any price?

This year has been full of last minute inquiries, our DJ cancelled type of calls or the DJ we had......., sadly they want to still pay a measly rate. So even if we were open we pass on it.

Your turn to share about your year and the pluses and minuses you've seen for your local market.
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