Make $$$ with half naked women!!

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Make $$$ with half naked women!!

Postby hernan » Mon May 29, 2006 2:14 pm

I am recuperating from our Carnival. I put all my big speakers on a float, and thought about all you poor listmembers at weddings or events.

Just kidding. Our carnival is not much when you take into consideration that I live in San Francisco. It is a truly family event.

But I thought I would open up the topic of making money providing sound for floats in parades.

It is an alternative market that can add spice to an already 'interesting' season.

I charged 1300$ but next month I will probably ask for $$2000. With a $250, extra 'day' consultation. It is usually best to build the system 'into' the float decorations.

Normally you just play a preselected songlist, especially if you have a choreographed dance troupe. But I can only hope that you all pitch and get real DJing gigs. The worst part of this work is hearing the same song for 4 hours!! If you have to choose between two evils, pick the one with a bigger songlist. ;-)

The best part is the "sword fight" of battling other sound systems and DJ's.
It can be quite humbling!! let me tell you, You dont want to bring a knife to a sword fight. It is a real gun-battle at sunrise! (Or 8 am actually), you are the gunslinger for your adopted group. You will not regret that last minute subwoofer purchase (although it did realocate your rent money!)
this is how they felt at the OK corral hundred and fifty years ago.

The real secret is carrying a big generator. You want the speakers to make it thru the parade and keep making you money after the decorations have been thrown away. And good AC can deliver clean bottomless power. The first consideration is the largest generator in your market.

I have a lot of experience in this arena, and for all the hot work, it is a fun way to make money. Please feel free to ask questions.

For those of you with an eye to producing events, one way of making money is to gather all the floats in a nieghbor friendly location and gate it off and charge admission and let all of us DJ's throw down for the rest of the night, raising money for good causes and acquiring new customers.
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Postby dokai » Tue May 30, 2006 2:59 pm

Hmmmmm. This is certainly another revenue stream that I hadn't thought of. Thanks for the tip!
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Postby hernan » Wed May 31, 2006 12:08 am

here is a few too many tips.

Each parade lists the participating organizations sometimes with contact info, in the newspaper and on some promotional materials. It is just a matter of contacting the ones that seem good for you. it then becomes a numbers game, most float committees will not change vendors even if they are not happy.

Do not volunteer to get the generator! Charge 50-75$ each way. But make sure to have complete control of which generator you get. The only choice, really, is the queit generator by Honda. The present day model number begins with "EU". You will spend 4 hours near it (at least) so be extra sure that it will be quiet!

I have done as many as 4 floats at once. This is only possible if you have a good crew. I did it by myself and it is just impossible, The tell tale fact is that none of those organizations call any more. All you need is one steeped on cord to ruin an organizations day. But still, it is cool to have all your gear out and making money, running around setting up multiple systems servicing a fleet of generators. I think it is more festive and "final" then servicing a couple stages at a festival or fair.

A float is like an island, once you get on one, and the parade begins, normally you are stuck on it. Someplaces you can jump off the float and run to a porta-potty, but this is very dangerous for most people and frowned upon by insurance agencies.
The best strategy is to hydrate the night before, so that you can drink minimally and avoid having to go to the bathroom. The same goes for healthy foods. Get an ice chest and hand out lots of water, but hoild off your self till the float is almost thru the route.

I am a gear hound so naturally I go to 'compete' with other gear heads, but there is another reward and that is playing music that gathers a crowd and gets them dancing at 8am. To me it is such a blast to rock a city street early in the morning.
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