UltraMixer 3.0.1 is out!

Many DJ's are "switching up" to computers as the new way to DJ. They provide near-instant access to large song lists and can be integrated to control video and DMX lighting.

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UltraMixer 3.0.1 is out!

Postby slajar » Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:37 am

we just want you to inform we've released UltraMixer 3.0.1 with more than 20 new features.

Your tests, remarks and reviewes are extremely appreciated: http://www.ultramixer.com/download.html
As some of you might know we are very open minded for feature requests or adaptions to users day by day needs.

Here is our current version history:
UltraMixer 3.0.1 (31. January 2011)

* new: [2 Playlists] Adjustable double click behaviour in playlists like in filearchive.
* new: [AudioEngine] High Stability Audio Engine in DirectX mode (audio playback without drop out even on heavy loaded system).
* new: [FileArchive] Drag and drop from playlists/waitlist/wishlist in the filearchive.
* new: [FileArchive] Drag and drop of m3u playlists in UltraMixer.
* new: [FileArchive] Function to export playlists as CSV file for import and print from Microsoft Excel / Open Office / Apple Numbers.
* new: [FileArchive] Hierarchical table sort according to Artist, Title and Album.
* new: [MIDI] Accessing loops with Hercules DJ Console MK4 und Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2.
* new: [MIDI] Hercules MP3 e2 LED support.
* new: [MIDI] Support of Hercules DJ Console 4-MX.
* new: [MIDI] Supporting LEDs of M-Audio xponent.
* new: [Other] Function for loading and saving of text files in notes widget.
* new: [Preferences] Option to disable the automatic beatmatching of loops.
* new: [Preferences] Option to enable automatic Beatmatching of Cue Points (only for MIDI controllers).
* new: [Preferences] Support of additional languages.
* new: [Sampler] Drag'n'Drop auf Sampler-SlotButtons.
* new: [Sampler] Function to change speed of samples in sample player.
* new: [User Interface] Function to detach the FileArchive as separate window.
* new: [User Interface] Optimized function to show tracks in Explorer/Finder.
* new: [User Interface] Save table property "horizontal scroll".
* new: [User Interface] Volumefader in Previewplayer integrated.
* new: [Waveform] Hot Cue position should be visualized in the Waveforms in addition to the saved Cue points.
* changed: [FileArchive] Empty rating (right click) shouldn't be stored as 0 in the ID3 tag.
* changed: [FileArchive] Speed up function "Delete from hard disc".
* changed: [MIDI] Full support for controling loops and cue points with Hercules controllers.
* changed: [MIDI] Optimized behaviour of jogwheels of American DJ VMS4 when pitching.
* changed: [User Interface] Table footers should display total count and length only (not depending on Auto-DJ).
* changed: [User Interface] Track count missing in the table footers with only one file loaded.
* fixed: [2 Playlists] Export playlist/waitlist to M3U file fails when artist/title contains dollar sign.
* fixed: [2 Playlists] Footer of archive tree in 2-playlist-mode is not accessible.
* fixed: [2 Playlists] Tracks are removed even if option is disabled.
* fixed: [AudioEngine] Master volume is changed in some situations when starting preview player.
* fixed: [AudioEngine] UltraMixer crashs when loading special M4A files.
* fixed: [AudioEngine] Volume of players increases sometimes when starting preview player.
* fixed: [Auto-DJ] AutoSync/Beatlock is sometimes continued, despite the Button was inactivated.
* fixed: [Auto-DJ] Played tracks shouldn't be removed by Auto-DJ if removing is disabled in preferences.
* fixed: [FileArchive] Adding folders with symbolic links (LNK, sometimes created by accident) fails.
* fixed: [FileArchive] Export of "played tracks" as M3U/ CSV not possible.
* fixed: [FileArchive] FileArchive's "comments" column in exported CSV file is labeled wrong as "hits" column.
* fixed: [FileArchive] Filter doesn't work in filearchive table after startup.
* fixed: [FileArchive] Gray text does not disappear when switching between search/filter/highlighter.
* fixed: [FileArchive] Itunes synchronisation of groups in filearchive fails.
* fixed: [FileArchive] Played tracks group in filearchive tree can not be colored.
* fixed: [FileArchive] ReplayGain calculation for whole FileArchive removes ID3 tags (seldom).
* fixed: [FileArchive] Searching for "+" in "filter" / "highlighter" mode not possible.
* fixed: [FileArchive] The filearchive groups "unsorted", "filearchive" and "search results" does not change when changing the locale.
* fixed: [MIDI] American Audio Radius 1000/2000 can not be used.
* fixed: [MIDI] Behringer BCD 3000 doesn't work well.
* fixed: [MIDI] Hercules DJ Console MK4 is not recognized automatically on Mac OS X.
* fixed: [MIDI] The LED lights of the Hercules DJ Console RMX are not working.
* fixed: [MIDI] The jogwheels of Numark TotalControl function in the wrong direction.
* fixed: [Other] In specific cases saved cue points become visible after restart only.
* fixed: [Other] Mp3 format is missing in mix-recording settings.
* fixed: [Other] Show File Location doesn't work on Mac OS X.
* fixed: [Preferences] "Talkover" shortcut isn't customizable.
* fixed: [Preferences] Changing soundcard channel of preview player becomes active after restart only.
* fixed: [Preferences] Keyboard shortcuts not working after PreviewPlayer was used.
* fixed: [Preferences] When changing the FileArchive location the folder was not created automatically.
* fixed: [Sampler] When restarting out-fading sample slot volume is wrong sometimes.
* fixed: [SoundPlayer] 0.0 BPM may be displayed for a short time when pressing Play while calculation is running.
* fixed: [SoundPlayer] It was not possible to set an own pitch range.
* fixed: [SoundPlayer] Player could be confused when using Loop and Framesearch the same time.
* fixed: [User Interface] "Start Player on double click" doesn't work in 2-playlists-mode.
* fixed: [User Interface] "duration" column is not refresh in playlists when changing option "Show Play Start Time instead of Play Duration"".
* fixed: [User Interface] Bottom widgets dispappear when switching between playlist and waitlist mode.
* fixed: [User Interface] Bottom widgets moves down and disappear.
* fixed: [User Interface] English translation of widget "Notizzettel" (Notes) is missing.
* fixed: [User Interface] Layout errors (seldom) after hiding the right part (e.g. Waitlist).
* fixed: [User Interface] Preview Player is opening and closing when double clicking on PP column.
* fixed: [User Interface] Shorcuts sometimes not usable.
* fixed: [User Interface] The first two tracks are not loaded automatically when adding new tracks by "+"-button.
* fixed: [User Interface] Window layout changes when switching between FileArchive and Mixer.
* fixed: [Waitlist] Double clicking empty Waitlist/Wishlist caused an error.
* fixed: [Waitlist] Starting with a missing USB device causes a lot of "missing file" messages.
* fixed: [Waveform] Live waveforms disappear in some very rare cases.
* fixed: [Widgets] Widget settings open in background.
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