Finished a church video install today

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Finished a church video install today

Postby BillESC » Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:41 pm

This was one of those installs. Parts were easy and parts were difficult.

A little history. About a year ago the church called me wanting to rent a video camera provide a feed for projection in the fellowship hall for the expected over flow crowd at a funeral. A very popular woman was killed when something fell out of a truck ahead of her on the highway and went through the windshield of her car. She was on the way to her daughters wedding.

I convinced them to purchase a Sony EVI D70 since they had been discussing filming services anyway.

Fast forward to three weeks ago. I was on the last day of installing a new sound system in the Fellowship hall when they approached me about installing a video system. The parameters boiled down to the following.

Install a 55" LCD monitor in the sanctuary with the ability to do Power Point, be fed from the camera or a DVD player.

Install a video projector on the ceiling of the Fellowship hall to project on a motorized screen that would also black out a 10' stained glass window when in use. The projector was to be fed again via Power Point, its' own DVD player or the camera in the sanctuary.

The good parts:

The projection screen and projector installed as expected and running new AC service wasn't difficult.

Pulling wire (audio, video and HDMI) although time consuming prosented no unusual problems.

Denon shipped the DVD players quickly, BenQ shipped quickly, Toshiba shipped quickly. The video switchers, scallers and adapters arrived in time. All cabling and compression connectors were already in stock.

The bad part:

Mounting the 55" Toshiba's articulated mount required us to drill 4 holes through plaster followed by cinder block followed by brick followed by dry wall. (The original church (sanctuary) has been added onto twice.) We had to use all thread for mounting points.

I fired up the system today and everything worked as it should however, I expect several call in the next few weeks as those who are tasked with running it push the wrong button or forget the proper sequence required for operation/integration.

In total 76 man hours of labor and about 5K in gear. Start to finish in less than three weeks.

Bill - ESC

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