Need power amp advise

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Need power amp advise

Postby mickey j » Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:08 pm

Hi all,
Been a while since my last visit, no offense, always liked and recommended this board.

So, I am considering selling my EV ZXA5 speakers and buying the EV ZX5 passive models and an amp. (As an aside, if anyone is interested, these are the ZXA5-60B models. One is brand new in the box: $1,500 + shipping, the other is used, purchased 3/2010 and works perfectly: $900 + shipping. So, $2.400 for both, a real deal!)

In researching amps, it has been widely suggested to have output wattage around double the speakers continuious power output. Here's the EV ZX5 specs:

System Power Handling (Continuous/Program/Peak): 600//2400 Watts
LF Power Handling: 500 watts
HF Power Handling: 40 watts
LF Nominal Impedance: 8 Ω
HF Nominal Impedance: 8 Ω
Nominal Impedance (Passive): 8 Ω

So if I understand correctly, a good amp for these speakers should have 1200 watts output per channel at 8 Ω. Does this sound correct??? Or do I need 600 watts per channel at 8 Ω for a total of 1200??? I'm running two speakers, no sub (yet). Do I really need that much??? Am I putting myself in danger of blowing the speakers by protecting the amp? the speakers cost more!

I am on a budget, so the max I can spend on an amp is about $700. I am definately liking the idea of one of the new lightweight amps (8-15 pounds)
Here's two I am considering: ... nt=IPR5000

Any thoughts? Too much power? other suggestions? I'm leaning toward the peavey because of their reputation for reliability (I still own and am current using a CS-800) and a better warranty.
QSC is also on my radar: and has the best warranty but weighs the most.

I doubt I will ever need to max out the ZX5's but I do want alot of volume. I'm pretty sure I would want at least a 600 watt per channel amp at 8 ohms and anything in excess would give the amp some headroom to avoid clipping and protect the amp, BUT what about protecting the speakers? Which amps have the best feature to protect the speakers???

Anyway, my brain is fried right now trying to figure out which way to go so Thanks for any help!!!
Mickey J
mickey j
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