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tri-pack live

Postby hernan » Mon May 29, 2006 1:39 pm ... t=Speakers

This is an incredible package. it is perfect for ceremony music and vocals.
It is tiny! not much bigger than a boombox

And yet it delivers a real nice sound.

it could work for thoses events that really do not want to see a large speaker package. With older folks or noise constraints. Or you do not want to lug in a huge system for whatever reason. It could also make a great monitoring system taking up little room but delivering those all imortant highs and sub-lows.

The first gig I did was an old folks home and I rocked the cafeteria. I backed up some Mariachi's. Next was a corporate fashion show then a corporate pre-show party. I have already made profit on the cost and I havent even scratched the paint yet. (Or over driven it!! I wonder if given the applications I intend, if I can overdrive it Maybe i will try a monitor application for a deaf DJ just to see how it sounds!!)

My personal drawbacks? It is not built 'robust'. the very reason for it's value is also the main reason to not get it.

It is light as a feather compact and you wonder as you walk away from it
"is the amp going to make it??"

So the "pro's" and the "cons", are the same!!
Ultra light (with some bass boom) and compact.


too light too compact to take seriously. I am used to hauling in a 1000 pounds of gear It is hard to adapt to a 40 pound package.
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